Clinical Trials

International Trials

  • Chief Investigator (and European Lead): VIBES Study: A Non-Interventional Study of Vimpat (Lacosamide) as adjunctive anti-epileptic drug therapy in patients with brain tumor related Epilepsy. 2015
  • In development with US and CaCTUS (Chief Investigator (UK) : VIMPAT: BTTC11-01: randomized, Double Blind, Placebo Controlled Trial of Lacosamide for Seizure Prophylaxis in patients with High Grade Glioma 2015

Personal Research Projects (Ongoing):

  • Chief Investigator: Development of a neuro-oncology caregiver needs questionnaire (CI R Grant; PI F Boele). At Ethics/R&D submission stage. (Start Nov 2015-2016).
  • Chief Investigator: The effect of anti-epileptic drugs on cognition in glioma (CI R Grant; PI H Ingle)
  • Chief Investigator: The development of a Patient Concerns Inventory in glioma
  • (Joint CI R Grant/L Kilbride; PI J Afseth))
  • Co-Investigator : Antibodies to SOX and other tumour associated antigens in patients with CNS tumours (CI Paul Maddison, Nottingham)
  • Co-investigator: National Brain Tumour (NBT) Study and Glioma International Case Control (GICC) Study.

Recent Research (Completed in last 5 years)

  • Chief Investigator: Fatigue in Patients with Gliomas: Prevalence, Severity and Association with Sleep Disturbance, Cognition, Depression and Treatment (CI R Grant; PI J Day)
  • Chief Investigator: Intramedullary spinal cord tumour patient-carer questionnaire (CI R Grant : PI Karolis Zienius) IRAS Project Number 109990
  • Chief Investigator: Capacity and Consent for surgery in glioma patients (CI R Grant; PI S Kerrigan)
  • Chief Investigator: Clinical aspects of DSM-IV depression and anxiety in cerebral glioma: a 6-month descriptive, prospective cohort study. (CI R Grant: PI -A Rooney)
  • Chief Investigator: Distress and fatigue in glioma: a cross-sectional study of adult neuro-oncology outpatients. REC Ref 08/S1101/13 (CI R Grant ; PI– A Rooney)
  • Co-Investigator: Patient positioning and braces for pain relief and spinal stability in metastatic cord compression in adults (Ms S Lee, R Grant, L Kilbride)
  • Co-Investigator: Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy Outcome Measures
  • Standardised Study (CI-PERINOMS Study). Assessor of neuropathy (CI – Dawn Storrey; PI –
  • Simon Kerrigan, Co-Investigator - R Grant)