Terms & Conditions



The purchasing Company or Solicitor shall hereafter be referred to as the “Instructing Client”. The individual(s) that the Instructing Client is representing shall hereafter be referred to as the Patient.

1. The following terms will apply to all work undertaken by Dr Robert Grant, as employed by Grant Neuro Legal, unless agreed in writing prior to receipt of instructions.

  2. All work will be undertaken with due regard to relevant sections of Civil Procedure Rules.  

3. Dr Robert Grant shall undertake work at the request of the Instructing Client, having confirmed that such work lies within his area of qualification, experience and expertise. That work shall be undertaken to the best of his ability, and, subject to external constraints in as timely a manner as he is able. Where requested, appointments will be made for the Patient to be seen within six weeks of receipt of instructions. Dr Robert Grant requires that the Instructing Client and the Patient confirm the arranged appointment in writing as soon as possible.  

4. The Instructing Client shall treat all information supplied by Dr Robert Grant as confidential and without the prior consent of Dr Robert Grant shall not disclose indirectly or directly or otherwise use this information except for the purpose of the specified litigation.  

5. An hourly rate of £300 will apply to all work undertaken by Dr Robert Grant, in addition to any costs necessarily incurred. Dr Robert Grant’s charges for preparing a report will be based on the duration and location of the consultation and the complexity and length of the report, but are likely to be in the range of £1,500 to £3,500.    

6. In the event that an appointment for a consultation is not kept, or is cancelled with 48 hours notice or less, a fee will be payable to Dr Robert Grant to cover the administration costs and the cost of the consulting rooms. For a standard 60 minute appointment, this will be approximately £40.

Reports will be sent within two weeks of date of examination. Minor corrections or adjustments to the report due to either an omission or typing errors will be made without charge. 

In the event that any further questions are posed, which are not part of  your initial instructions; or a request is made for a review of documents that are not included with the patient’s initial medical records; or Dr Robert Grant is asked to review CT/MR images which have not been provided with the letter of instruction, there will be a further fee. 

  7. If required to attend a conference in chambers, Dr Robert Grant’s charge will be £1200 per half a day, or part thereof, where a half day is 4 hours.  

8. If required to appear in Court, Dr Robert Grant’s charges will be £2,400 per day or part thereof if booked more than one month before the commencement of the trial. An additional fee of £500 will be payable if less than one month’s notice is given, in addition to costs or losses incurred as a result of late booking. Time spent preparing for Court or conference will be charged at £300 per hour.  

9. Dr Robert Grant shall be fully reimbursed for all out of hours travelling time at £50 per hour. Costs will be based on first class train travel, car mileage at 50p per mile together with overnight stay and subsistence as determined by Dr Robert Grant.  

10. The Instructing Client will pay Dr Robert Grant’s fees in full.  It is the Instructing Client’s responsibility to ensure adequate funding. The amount due to Dr Robert Grant shall not be subject to taxation by the Court.  

11. Unless otherwise agreed by both parties in writing, Dr Robert Grant will raise an invoice as soon as a medical report or joint statement is completed, and will forward the report to the Instructing Client.    

12. Unless otherwise previously agreed, the Instructing Client will pay all sums due for attendance at Court or other events within 8 weeks of the date of invoice. Late payments may be subject to administration charges of £50 for each month overdue.  

13. In the absence of more than 2 working days notice, a settlement of the case or all or part of a booked Court appearance, 90% is payable of the amount that would have been payable in the event of non-cancellation. In the event of more than 2 working days but less than 14 working days notice, 50% is payable of the amount that would have been payable in the event of non-cancellation. In the event of more than 14 days notice no cancellation fee is required.   

14. The Instructing Client shall be responsible for giving adequate instructions and shall check also that all relevant matters are covered in the reports. The Instructing Client shall be responsible for any claim made against Dr Robert Grant resulting from their failure to do so.  

15. The liability of Dr Robert Grant to the Instructing Client and/or the Patient for negligence howsoever arising in respect of any loss or damage caused by an act or default of Dr Robert Grant shall be limited to the amount received by Dr Robert Grant for the relevant services.  

16. If Dr Robert Grant is instructed jointly by two or more Instructing Clients the above terms and conditions shall apply subject to contrary agreement between Instructing Clients and Dr Robert Grant. Each of the Instructing Client shall be liable for the appropriate proportion of Dr Robert Grant’s fees and expenses.