Roles and Positions

National & International Positions

  1. National Cancer Research Institute: Brain CRG and Lead Supportive & Palliative Care Section 2015- onwards.
  2. Coordinating Editor Cochrane Neuro-oncology Group. 2011-
  3. Past-President European Association of Neuro-Oncology (2010-12)
  4. President of European Association of Neuro-Oncology (2008-2010).
  5. General Assembly member of European Cancer Organization (ECCO) (2008-10)
  6. Co-Chairman of the European Organization for Research Trials in Cancer EORTC / EANO - Trends in Management of CNS Tumours Course (2009)
  7. Co-President of the World Federation of Neuro-Oncology (WFNO) III meeting. Japan 2009.
  8. Local Organiser and Executive Board Member of the second World Federation Neuro-Oncology Meeting 2005. & Chairman of the WFNO Scientific Committee
  9. National Coordinating Centre for Cancer: Brain and CNS Tumour Guidance Development Group. Guidance on Cancer Services: Improving Outcomes for people with tumours of the brain and CNS (2004-6).
  10. Expert Panel for the development of RMP7 (2000-2003)
  11. EORTC Neuro-Oncology Scientific Committee (1997-2002)
  12. Medical Research Council Cancer Division (2003-4) MRC trial design.  1. Radiotherapy for patients with brain metastases from non-small cell lung cancer, 2. Radiotherapy for patients with spinal cord compression
  13. NICE Guidance Over the last five years I have reviewed report for NICE on the new application of: Gliadel Wafers in newly diagnosed malignant Glioma. Head and Neck Cancer Service Guidance for NICE – 1st and 2nd consultations -comments on behalf of the ABN;. Referral Guidelines for patients with suspected Brain tumours – 1st and 2nd for the ABN.
  14. NICE National Group for Rare Brain & CNS Conditions (2008-10). To develop national standardised guidelines, treatment protocols and to determine research programmes via a National Tumour Group covering:: Primary CNS Lymphoma, Medulloblastoma, Pineal Tumours and Optic Gliomas.
  15. National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) Brain Tumour Committee  (2001- 2004) (which arose from UK Cancer Co-ordinating Committee on Research (Neuro-Oncology) [MRC, CRC, ICRF]. Committee member (1999- 2001))
  16. Commission on Human Medicines / Medicines Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) Advisory Panel (2008-)
  17. External Experts Review of Preliminary Assessment Report Reference Member State for the MHRA (Post Licensing Division) – Gliadel Wafers and Temozolomide in high grade gliomas. (PenTAG report) and Delta Aminolevulinic Acid (dALA) to assist surgical resection in malignant glioma.
  18. Clinical Lead Scottish Adult Neuro-Oncology Managed Clinical Network (SANON) 2006-2010; Co-Lead of the Audit/IT Group; Lead for the Research Group. Activity can be found on in Annual Reports to National Services Division in June 2008 and June 2009
  19. Scottish Neurosurgical Managed Service Network (SNMSN). I am on the audit group of this MSN which met x3/yr and have advised on datasets and audit.
  20. Scottish Cancer Research Network Meeting in Oncology: NCRN funded trials. Attended this group and following negotiations funding has been found to support a neuro-oncology research nurse for clinical trials.
  21. Member of Specialist Advisory Board in Ophthalmology (RCSE) (2005-9). This meets x3/yr to plan the structure and statutes of exams in the UK and abroad.
  22. European Federation for Neurological Sciences – Neuro-Oncology Scientific Panel. I am ABN representative to the EFNS and in the last two years I have contributed to papers on international guidelines on management of low grade gliomas and jointly ran a neuro-oncology meeting with EFNS/Bulgarian Neuro-Oncology Society in Sofia 2007.
  23. British Neuro-Oncology Society Executive Committee (2006-onwaards)
  24. British Neuro-Oncology Group (Treasurer) - 1996- 2006