GRANTS (Last 5 years – Total = £680,500)

Under consideration:

  • IMPROVING Study: (Interventions to Manage Positive Rehabilitation Outcome Visits IN Glioma). Pilot RCT of Early Neuro-Rehabilitation (Glasgow/Edinburgh). Marie Curie 2015. (£164,375). CI. R Grant
  • The Brain Tumour Charity (Charity) (£298k) (Co-Applicant) Understanding the diagnostic pathway for brain tumours in adults and its potential impact on clinical care and outcomes. (Edinburgh/Bristol) The Brain Tumour Charity (2015) (£298k) Co-Applicant R Grant
  • Edinburgh & Lothian Health Foundation (Charity) (£416,700)
  • Clinical Aspects of DSM-IV depression and anxiety in cerebral glioma: a 6 month descriptive cohort study. £80k Dr Ally Rooney March 2007-July 2010
  • Mental Capacity in patients with intracranial tumours: £60k Dr Simon Kerrigan Aug 2010–Jul 12
  • Health related quality of life in high grade glioma patients and their partners in end of life phase: a retrospective multicentre analysis. Project ID 2010/W/NEU/10 20; REC Ref 10/S1102/45. £17,274 Ms Shanne McNamara (9 mths) Jan 2012-Sept 2012
  • Brainlab Intra-operative Ultrasound and Navigation System £150k Capital Grant for purchase of IOU. March 2012.
  • Statistical support for evaluation of MRC BR12 dataset £5k. Cat Graham, Senior Wellcome Statistician (2012)
  • The effects of antidepressants and anti-epileptic drugs on cognition in glioma. REC Ref: 12/SW/0223. R&D: 2012/W/NEU/08 £60k. Support for Clin. Psychol Research Ass. Harriet Ingle for 2 yrs. MSc student (UofE) (2013-2014)
  • Statistical Support for ECNO two years (£20k). WTCRF statistical assistance (2013-15)
  • Pharmacodynamic & Pharmacokinetic interactions of AEDs during Chemotherapy in patients with glioma – Laboratory Pilot work (£10k). Robin Grant & Prof Roland Wolf (Dundee)
  • Development of a Patient Concerns Inventory in Brain cancer Patients for outpatient consultations. (R Grant Co-Applicant) £9,428 + £5k Janyne Afseth PhD p.t. over 5 years (2013-8)
  • EU Grant (£11,800)

  • Oncovideos Project Nb 502218-LLP-2009-1-BE Leonardo LMP 13,890 Euros (Partner 10) over 2 years: 2010-2012 Neurological Examination in patients with Cancer:
  • Research & Development (£80k)

  • RESECTION Development Programme for SDBTT Application £80k Grant over 2 years: May 2010-April 2012 Ms K Klein Woolthuis – Development Manager
  • Scottish Government (£70k)

  • Cancer Modernisation Bid: Providing safe resection of low grade glioma in Scotland £70k Grant for services to assist provision of the above Nov 2011 (unused)
  • NHS Education for Scotland (£10k)

  • Provision of educational videos on “Headaches and Papilloedema” £10k (2009-2010)
  • Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust (£180k)

  • Neurology/ Neuro-Oncology Clinical Training Fellowship £180k over 3 years (2009-2012) £60k Funded: Dr S Kerrigan Aug 2009-July 2010 (£60k). No suitable applicants for successive years.
  • Cochrane Collaboration (NIHR) (£12k)

  • Support for the Cochrane Neuro-Oncology Group £12k over 2 years (2012-continuing). Running costs to support meeting attendance and administration