Evidence Based Research

Activity in Symptoms Research & Evidence Based Outcomes

  • Establishment of a UK TAE Special Interest Group (Lead: R Grant; Prof JP Leach (Glasgow); Prof T Marson (Liverpool); Dr J Rees (London); Drs Y Hart & M Jackson (Newcastle); Dr M Sadler (Plymouth); Dr F McKevitt (Sheffield).
  • Establishment of a UK Psychology/Psychiatry Special Interest Group (Lead: A Rooney) Meeting of the group at BNOS in July 2013
  • Other activities around Neuro-Cognition, Fatigue, Mood in Glioma International Neuro-Cognitive Group
    Edinburgh (Drs Grant, Rooney, Kerrigan, Abrahams, research team) Amsterdam (Drs Taphoorn, Reijnefeldt, Klein, Gehring, research team) Houston (Drs Brown, Gilbert, Armstrong, Wefel, research team)
  • Cochrane Neuro-Oncology Group
    Lead: R Grant, M Hart: G Quinn, C Jess and Team. Contact Eds: R Soffietti, M van den Bent, M Gilbert, P Brown, S Chang, A Pace, M Taphoorn, G Cavaletti, K Hoang-Xuan, J Perry, K Oliver, L Kilbride, S Kerrigan, A Rooney
  • James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership
    Lead: R Grant & Gl Quinn (Cochrane); K Oliver (IBTA); H Bulbeck (Brainstrust); D Walker (BNOS/Paeds); P Grundy (Chair NHS Commissioning Brain CRG/Neurosurg); L Brazil (NCRI/Adult Onc); A Rooney (Psych/SANON); K Hopkins (NCRI/EORTC)